Hansa Golden Crisp, a bespoke beer designed for unisex appeal, has been launched by The South African Breweries.

On shelf since October 2018 and delivering a Golden Light refreshing taste, Hansa Golden Crisp is setting the stage with a world of firsts, according to brand manager Alet Eksteen.

Brewed in the easy drinking style which has taken Latin America by storm, Hansa Golden Crisp is setting the trend in South Africa. Beers which appeal to women and men are fast growing in Columbia, Panama and Ecuador – including Aguila Light, Atlas Golden Light, Balboa Ice and Pilsener Light.

Easy drinking beers are brewed with the essential ingredients of barley, maize, hops and water yet characterised by lower bitterness and moderate alcohol levels by volume of 3,5 to 4%.

These beers attract significant numbers of women drinkers, with more than half of sales for certain easy drinking beers in Latin America emanating from female consumers who appreciate the essential natural ingredients of beer in an easier drinking, less bitter style.

“Hansa Golden Crisp is designed for unisex urban consumers who appreciate the value of breaking free from the daily grind to embrace healthy outdoor activities,” Eksteen said.

Hansa Golden Crisp is bottled in clear, flint glass, with an easy to remove, break-free bottle cap. It is brewed with locally grown ingredients and delivers a pleasant light citrus hop aroma, with a subtle yet lower bitterness, and a short finish.

This is SAB’s first beer to be packaged in a 290ml flint bottle as well as 300ml slender can serving size.

Hansa Golden Crisp is accessibly priced compared to mainstream and international premium beers and is available nationwide at selected outlets.

Watch the television advert: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQDjCybIAIk



Issued by Corporate Image on behalf of the South African Breweries