Wild Coast Sun, Sun International’s only beachfront resort, formed a partnership to assist victims of violent crimes get the care they need in a friendly environment.
Thanks to the partnership, the local trauma and care centre has received a makeover that means it is a more inviting area in which to be counselled.
The Mzamba Trauma and Care Centre is a social responsibility project initiated and funded by Sun International, Wild Coast Sun, Capital Outsourcing Group, Founder’s Golf and Wild Coast Sun Mbizana Development Trust.
The Trauma and Care Centre is situated at the Mzamba Police Station opposite the Wild Coast Sun in Mzamba Beach in the Eastern Cape and was handed over to the South African Police Service in November 2009. The centre is fully equipped to offer counselling to victims of rape and child abuse.
The trauma centre received a fresh coat of paint on all walls, doors, and ceiling, which complemented the furnishings donated at the start of the project. The centre has a reception and waiting room area, a children’s facility room with toys, a lounge and kitchen with a television and DVD player, a consulting room with one bed, shower and toilet, as well as an office for a social worker.
The South African Police Service, through its provincial structures, will provide staffing and maintenance of the project on behalf of the community, to ensure that all seven rights contained in the Victims’ Charter are observed.
The centre seeks to address the problem of crime against women and children within the immediate area as well as the greater Bizana area. The project will promote new values, human rights and partnership between the community, business, and the Police Services.
“The Trauma and Care Centre will also assist the police in obtaining crucial evidence from victims in absolute home privacy out of the cold harsh public charge office. Victims will be treated with respect and dignity in a friendly environment,” said Peter Tshidi.

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