Reusable shopping bag supports leopard conservation this Heritage Month

This Heritage Month, Pick n Pay and the Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) have collaborated to produce a limited-edition reusable shopping bag to promote conservation of the Western Cape’s biodiversity, and to bring awareness of the rare leopard.

This is the fifth reusable RPET bag in a series by Pick n Pay in partnership with national NGOs to help bring awareness of important national landmarks and to support worthy causes that highlight critical issues such as those linked to the environment.

“We are honoured to have the opportunity to support the important work being done by the Cape Leopard Trust in protecting an important part of our country’s heritage. Our customers can look forward to adding to their collection of reusable bags in support of a good cause,” says Andre Nel, Head of Sustainability at Pick n Pay.

The 100% reusable RPET Pick n Pay shopping bag features beautiful leopard imagery and a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these bags at select Pick n Pay stores across the country will be donated to the CLT.

The CLT works to ensure the survival of leopards, who inhabit the rugged fynbos biome of the Cape Fold Mountain ranges. The leopard is the last large predator and last member of the Big 5 to still roam free in the Western Cape. The species faces multiple threats, including limited and fragmented habitat, reduction in prey numbers and high levels of conflict with people.

“Leopards in the Western Cape are exceedingly elusive. People hardly ever get to see them, and sightings are very rare. It is of utmost importance to conserve them, since they are the top predators in this system and represent an umbrella species for wider biodiversity conservation. This means that conservation efforts focused on the long-term survival of leopard populations (which includes their habitat and prey species) also benefit other species and ecosystem processes” says Jeannie Hayward of the Cape Leopard Trust.

For decades, the leopards have managed to remain in the wild and stave off extinction unlike so many other species alongside it.

“It’s an iconic symbol of our heritage, having defeated the odds while living in such rugged and inhospitable terrain. It’s important that we do all that we can, bringing on likeminded partners, such as Pick n Pay, along the way, to help ensure their survival for decades more,” says Hayward.



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