Pick n Pay launches traditional Mzansi-inspired product range to celebrate local heritage

Pick n Pay has launched a uniquely South African range of products reflecting the country’s best in look and flavour. Africa Rise, with five signature local flavours, brings some of the country’s most-loved traditional local dishes closer to shoppers.

The five signature flavours – Chakalaka, Chicken Dust, Nyama, Sweet Tomato Gravy and Atchar – are now available across multiple product ranges including cook-in sauces, peanuts, potato crisps, fresh meat and poultry, and breads.

Chakalaka cook-in sauce, Sweet Tomato Gravy chops, and Chicken Dust flavour chips, to name a few, are just some of the products that will transport many South Africans back to their childhood homes or give others a real taste for their home country.

“Truly traditional South African meals are a staple in many homes but are often missed when people move to cities. Our Africa Rise range brings these local flavours to your closest Pick n Pay, and we hope it will encourage more people to enjoy our shared heritage. It’s those feel-good home cooked flavours that make us proud to be South African,” says Nicki Russell, Head of Product, Merchandise at Pick n Pay.

The traditional flavours were designed following extensive research and collaboration with South Africans who revealed some of their favourite popular dishes, and the names were selected based on the unique ways referred to these on local streets.

“Our customers love local food and South Africans in general have a great enthusiasm to try different flavours,” says Russell.

Pick n Pay is encouraging consumers to try out the new dishes this Heritage Day, 25 September

The Africa Rise products are the perfect accompaniment to your Heritage Day braai and are available at select Pick n Pay stores nationwide.

 The story behind Pick n Pay’s Africa Rise flavours…

Atchar – an all-round side dish made with unripe mangoes, chillies, and fragrant spices. Depending on the region, a good measure of garlic is added, and the amount of chilli used is a personal preference.

Chicken Dust – a South African street food favourited comprised of seasoned chicken pieces chargrilled over open flames giving it a tasty fusion of ashy smoke and pepper flavour.

Nyama – Traditional South African slow-cooked red meat seasoned with only salt for a natural beef flavour, and served on a wooden board for all to share.

Sweet Tomato Gravy – the classic tomato and onion is a favourite in most South African homes. Caramalised onions and a hint of curry powder give this relish a rich flavour.

Chakalaka – A well-rounded side dish made with onions, carrots, tomatoes and beans, served mildly spicy or hot. The perfect accompaniment for any meal or braai.


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