Wild Coast Sun sets farmers up for planting

Queens Greens now fully self-sustaining farm equipped to produce and sell to neighbors and local supermarkets

Wild Coast Sun, one of Sun International’s most magnificent properties, has enabled a local farming initiative to be fully self-sustaining.

The resort provided Queens Greens with a complete borehole, a pump as well as an irrigation system. In addition to this, Wild Coast provided equipment to work the fields, such as wheelbarrows, spades, forks and hoes, as well as seedlings, fertilizer, and pesticide. The total value of the contribution is R130,000.

Vincent Bulala, SED & Community Engagement Manager, says the donations build on previous projects developed for Queens Greens. “We have been able to move them from subsistence farming to being fully self-sustaining. There is already a market and demand for their crops from local supermarkets and fellow villagers. We hope to enroll them as a vegetable supplier.”

One of the farmers at the site, Zenande Ndava, says “I will forever be grateful to Wild Coast Sun for investing in my dream to become a young black female commercial farmer based in rural areas. Queens Greens will now be able to provide much needed employment, supply supermarkets and will be the training centre for learners from TVET colleges.”

Queens Greens is situated in the Bizana Monti Village area approximately one and a half hour’s drive from the Wild Coast Sun. Its land encompasses 14 hectors and currently employs six workers. Crops include cabbage, spinach, potatoes, and onions.

The project started last December when Wild Coast Sun ‘s contractor started drilling and identified water, which brought the project to life.


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