You are not seeing things after a long year – hundreds of Pick n Pay asap! drivers have transformed into Santa Clauses riding the roads of South Africa.

Whether you have been ‘naughty or nice’, Santa Claus will make a stop by your house when ordering off Pick n Pay’s on-demand delivery app asap!

Customers can place their Christmas shopping list on the Pick n Pay asap! delivery app and have their order delivered to their front door in an hour, by a driver dressed in a Santa outfit this December.

Andrew Mills, Group Executive: Marketing at Pick n Pay, says they wanted to do something special and joyous for their customers, both young and old, this festive season. “We hope our Santa asap! drivers will make many people smile – whether they order a shop for delivery to their front door and are surprised by Santa, or if they see one of our drivers buzzing along the roads or at a traffic light on their way to their next delivery.”

He adds the retailer is excited for children’s faces to light up when seeing Santa come to their front door. “During these times of social distancing, many children haven’t had the opportunity to go visit Santa in shopping malls as they used. Now they can meet Santa at the click of a button on our app.”

The Pick n Pay asap!  drivers will be dressed as Santa until 24 December. “Santa was already wearing our brand colours (red and white) so we asked him to do a few extra deliveries this year for us,” jokes Mills.

In the spirit of giving, Mills says their Santa asap! drivers will give a new meaning to ‘Secret Santa’. “The app delivers across South Africa and is the perfect way to send a Christmas gift or a bag of groceries to someone you know who might be struggling. The surprise will only be more special when Santa arrives to deliver the gift.”



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