Clover Industries said today that it was “shocked and appalled” at the murder of a Fidelity guard late yesterday. The guard, Mr Tsephe Molatsi, had been in an escort vehicle assigned to protect a Clover delivery vehicle from attack by striking workers.

The incident happened near Olifantsfontein on the East Rand in Gauteng, late Saturday afternoon. A white bus with striking workers intercepted the Clover delivery vehicle on the Olifantsfontein Road and attacked both the Clover truck and the escort vehicle. Although security officers responded to being pelted with bottles and rocks by firing rubber bullets, striking workers advanced and were assisted by looters in emptying the Clover truck. In the fracas, Mr Molatsi was shot in the head and then repeatedly beaten by strikers until Metro Police arrived and striking workers fled (with his shotgun). Mr Molatsi was pronounced dead at the scene.

Steven Velthuysen, spokesperson for Clover, said that the company was offering every assistance to Mr Molatsi’s family, along with Fidelity Security.

“This is not industrial action; this is murder. We already have one interdict granted against the Union to prevent violence, which they have ignored. We have now applied for another one against the Union and certain Union officials, which will be heard on Monday.

“We are extremely upset about this awful incident. Our hearts go out to Mr Molatsi’s family and loved ones.

“The Union bears full responsibility for this appalling murder. They will need to answer for it.”



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