Another guard killed by striking workers – Clover

Clover confirmed today that this morning, striking workers killed another security guard, and critically injured two. The incident took place at Clayville. This is the second guard to be murdered, the first of whom was Mr Tsephe Molatsi who was murdered by striking workers on 22 January.

Clover has clear video and stills footage of the guards being beaten and one being killed. This footage has been handed to the SAPS and will be released publicly once SAPS clears its release.

 The company said that the name of the hospital where two guards had been admitted would not be released because witnesses to previous events have been threatened and are now in witness protection.

Steven Velthuysen of Clover said that this morning, about 150 striking workers arrived in three buses. Workers tried to gain access to the Clayville property and security intervened. Security guards were attacked with guns, rocks, batons and other weapons, and responded with rubber bullets. One security guard was killed, and two were injured. The name of the murdered guard has not yet been released.

Two striking workers were arrested inside the property and handed over to the SAPS.

Said Velthuysen: “This simply cannot go on. Repeated violence by union members is completely unacceptable. Another person has now been murdered. The Union leaders and their members have all but ignored two interdicts, and are clearly out of control. This is not industrial action. It’s murder.”



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