Clover confirmed today that the security executive murdered on 17 February by striking workers in a violent mob was Terence Tegg, who was engaged and a father of two boys. He was contracted to PPS Security, who were asked to protect Clover’s property at Clayville from violent industrial action.

“We are devastated about what happened. Terence lost his life for no reason at all, as did Tsephe Molatsi, who was murdered on 22 January by striking workers”, said Steven Velthuysen, spokesperson for Clover. “These two, hardworking men were just doing their jobs.

“We are working closely with both Fidelity and PPS to offer every help for the families of the two murdered men. We are working closely with Fidelity, PPS and the SAPS to identify all the striking workers involved in these horrendous acts to ensure they are brought to justice. All footage has also been handed over to the SAPS.

“What is even more horrifying is the reaction from the Unions – FAWU and GIWUSA. Neither have accepted any responsibility whatsoever, even though their members are clearly captured on video and stills taking part in gruesome violence. In fact if anything, they have upped the ante, showing no remorse at all.

“While they have expressed their regret at the deaths, this rings hollow. Scarcely a week after Mr Molatsi’s murder, Zwelinzima Vavi called for the strike to be “intensified” and said that the union would be pushing for factory sit-ins. When the three buses arrived at Clayville last week, that’s exactly what striking workers were attempting to do.

“While expressing sympathy for Mr Tegg’s death, in the same breath the GIWUSA spokesperson also said that the strike would be “intensifying”.

“GIWUSA have said they would be conducting an internal investigation. That’s just deflection. The public deserves to know exactly what form this investigation will take, what qualified person has been mandated to conduct such an investigation, whether they are working with the SAPS, whether they have identified their members caught on video footage – now freely available on social media – and whether they have handed the culprits over to the SAPS. Short of that, it’s just gaslighting, and intolerable hypocrisy.

“That’s twice the unions have encouraged – and even incited workers to engage in behaviour that they must have known would inevitably result in tragic violence.

“We are holding the Unions and their leaders accountable for this outrage. We will work hard with the SAPS to make sure those who are responsible are tried and jailed.”



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