Rising above the noise to be heard

Corporate Image looks after some of South Africa’s best-known brands. We devise, plan and execute consumer-facing campaigns that build solid, long-term support for our clients and their brands. We are known for ideas that find traction in a social media-saturated world, with exposure in both traditional and non-traditional media.

As an agency, we plan and execute effective communication that cuts through the clutter and elevates the brand’s identity, its values and its offering to consumers. Consistent messaging as part of the marketing mix is much more likely to reach the correct target audiences and achieve sales uplift. People are increasingly looking to be engaged by brands and not given the hard-sell, and this insight is central to the effectiveness of Corporate Image’s campaigns.

In times of economic difficulty, it is common for companies to cut back on PR, often not understanding that this is the least expensive and most credible form of consumer communication.

Corporate Image helps clients understand the brand value achievable from inventive consumer PR, with programmes that work very effectively as part of an overall integrated marketing strategy.

Corporate Image works with highly regarded social media experts to ensure our clients’ brands are exposed efficiently and cost-effectively. While many of our clients use social media agencies to run their social media accounts, we monitor and advise on sensitive topics. We keep up to date with critical issues, and work closely with social media agencies who are retained to manage day-to-day interaction.

Corporate Image has devised, planned and executed public relations campaigns that range from product launches and supporting major concerts, to press launches, VIP engagements and brand events.

Other services include:

  • Negotiating with media to leverage existing media/advertising spend
  • Content optimisation
  • Video and multimedia strategies and management of production
  • Paid media strategies for digital, print and outdoor