We have an excellent reputation for being experts in our field, given the depth of our experience in South Africa, on the Continent, and around the world

Often starting with a research benchmark, Corporate Image works closely and comprehensively with our clients to develop and execute a multi-stakeholder strategy to lift reputation and ensure key messages resonate with the most important of these, across the dimensions and drivers of reputation that really matter to them. We advocate period research to establish progress and course-correct where necessary and appropriate.

Reputation management carefully considers people and/or organisations who directly influence a client’s business. Perhaps more importantly, it considers the degree to which they influence each other, media included.

Corporate Image eschews off-the-shelf measurement techniques and help clients focus on what they want to know, from whom, and to achieve which objective.

We work with companies to establish the most important drivers of their reputation and not what reputation measurement companies simply offer as a one-size-fits-all.

This allows companies to focus their attention where it will have the most impact and not on the things that don’t really matter.