Stakeholder mapping

We have developed a bespoke stakeholder mapping tool that assists companies in prioritising stakeholders and issues, and acting on these in an organised and methodical way.

Additionally, Corporate Image works with clients to appreciate, prioritise and engage with their most important stakeholders. We help our clients engage across the spectrum, from those at community level to global organisations and transnational pressure groups. Our task is to help influence the influencers and provide credible information required to make an informed decision about policy.

We work with a range of academics and advisors to help formulate options to public policy initiatives and investigate a range of information that could be useful in influencing those who affect our clients’ licence to trade.

From economists to social and political scientists, we have a range of experts at our disposal who work together with us to create a platform for discussion, debate and coalition building.

Corporate Image’s goal is to help open doors for our clients, even in controversial industries. We help to recruit third party activists or ambassadors in support of the company’s viewpoint, and have good relationships with a wide range of influencers who work at community, trade and political levels and work together with them in advocacy programmes which enables sensible and well researched public policy or views in support of the company’s strategy.