South Africans saving on fuel with Pick n Pay Smart Shopper

As the petrol price continues winging its way to record highs, Pick n Pay’s Smart Shopper loyalty programme is giving South Africans a way to save at the fuel pump.

In the past two and a half years, Smart Shoppers have spent more than R50-million worth of points on fuel at bp stations around the country.

Customers with over R20 in Smart Shopper points can spend these towards their fuel purchases.

Melissa Hanley, head of marketing at Pick n Pay says 3.7 million Smart Shoppers currently have more than R20 on their card waiting to be spent. “More customers are increasingly using their points on fuel for a bit of relief at the pump.”

The Smart Shopper programme launched ten years ago and partnered with bp in 2018  to enable customers to earn points when filling up their cars. “We wanted to help customers save on necessity items, such as food and fuel. Customers not only get instant discounts in store when swiping their Smart Shopper card but also earn points to help them save more money during their next shop.”

In November 2018 Pick n Pay partnered with bp to for customers to earn points on fuel and in August 2019 customers were able to spend points at the pump.

“Thousands of regular shoppers are now using the opportunity to put their cash back towards fuel,” says Hanley.

According to the Q1 2022 Global Loyalty and Rewards Market Survey, the global pandemic saw more consumers turn to loyalty programmes compared to the pre-pandemic period. Nearly 75% of consumers used loyalty programmes in 2021, and as they become more popular, consumers in South Africa expect rewards from these.

Pick n Pay’s Smart Shopper programme now has over 9.5 million active customers and the company has noticed an increase in the number of customers redeeming their rewards both in-store and at the pump during the pandemic as the economic crisis hit, says Hanley.

“Through our Smart Shopper loyalty programme, we have been able to provide  the lowest Smart Prices, best deals and cashback for customers. Purchases using Smart Shopper now account for 80% of Pick n Pay’s sales revenue, and this participation continues to grow as we innovate and deliver more customer value when swiping their loyalty cards. Our partnership with bp is just one example of how we help customers with everyday savings,” says Hanley.

To automatically qualify for  in-store discounts and earn points when swiping their card, customers are reminded to register their Smart Shopper card.. They also  enjoy extra benefits, including automatic entry into exciting competitions. During May and June, customers who spend R20 or more worth of points on fuel at bp will stand a chance to win their share of R300 000 worth of fuel or grocery vouchers.


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