The first hours of a crisis are the most important. This is when clients must effectively manage the flow of information to demonstrate that they are  acting responsibly and strategically to resolve the situation.

Without an up-to-date crisis manual, it is impossible to manage a crisis as it unfolds, particularly as speculation grows across social media and reputation is being managed in a court of public opinion.

Our role will be to review and assess your current crisis preparedness protocols and materials. This includes reviewing all and any business continuity plans to identify gaps and vulnerabilities, providing strategic recommendations. Throughout the process, we work closely with you to understand your protocols and processes. We also interview your executives to gauge the top risks facing the organisation at large.

Our next step is to build a robust crisis communications playbook, which includes:

  • Decision matrix
  • Crisis team organisation, including spokespeople and subject-matter experts
  • Internal crisis management protocols
  • External communications protocols
  • Scenarios and messaging for top risk
  • Social media engagement triggers
  • Stakeholders
  • Forms and checklists

Key to the above once all material has been drafted  is a presentation to the executive of the crisis playbook  to train response managers at all levels on how to utilise the plan and prepare for various scenarios.