Stakeholder mapping
& management

Helping clients achieve long-term sustainable value from their stakeholder engagement

Corporate Image devised the first-ever perceptions audit of stakeholders for clients in South Africa, back in 1987.

Working from this base of expertise, we have developed critical tools in helping our clients approach stakeholder engagement at a more structured level so that engaging with stakeholders becomes not only a board and Exco priority, but filters throughout the organisation instead of simply sitting in Corporate Affairs, Regulatory Affairs or Public Affairs without understanding the true nature of stakeholders and the ‘stake’ they have in a company.

We have a proprietary Stakeholder Mapping Tool© that is available to our clients. Identifying stakeholders is one part of the approach, but more critical is approaching the subject from an issues point of view too.

This methodology enables a client to do both, and prioritise stakeholders in terms of both their current view and their predisposition to the company or to the issue. This makes relations much easier to manage.

Our proprietary methodology allows us to match clients’ stakeholders to particular issues, and map them according to their level of influence both on the client, and the issue concerned. This practical approach is used by our clients internationally, and has proved to be both practical and very effective.